About Port-A-Poo

Port-A-Poo was born out of necessity. My husband and I have eight dogs (check out "Our Story" for the details) and they generate a lot of poop. We love taking them for a walk but cleaning up after all eight was tough; having to carry the poop bags with each of us holdiing four leashes was even more difficult - bordering pretty much on just plain gross.

We went to the drawing board and after much experimentation came up with Port-a-Poo. Made of durable plastic, it reliably provides a simple hands free way to carry poop bags. It attaches to virtually any leash and with just a flick of a finger the latch opens and closes around the poop bag.

Each prototype was rigourously tested on our pack of eight and continuously improved until we were completely satisfied. Whether you have one, three or eight dogs, Port-a-Poo will enhance your dog walking experience. You will enjoy a hands-free sanitary walk each and every time.

Don't be left holding the bag - let Port-a-Poo, your leash and your dog carry the poop for you!