So what do people think about Port-A-Poo?


I have to say that as a new dog owner, I've been researching to the ends of the Earth to find handy items. There is literally NOTHING that does what your product does. Similar, but always with a catch. I am SO happy I found your Portapoo and went ahead with purchasing. This thing is priceless! It locks onto my dog's leash exactly how you said it would (I use the Halti, which is padded - no problem at all), Holds some serious cargo with NO swinging or shifting or slipping. I hate the items made to carry unused bags (the plastic bones or the fabric bags — it's just one more thing swinging) but I love carrying my unused bags on this, too! When this breaks or my dog finishes chewing on it lol, I will be buying another. No question. Thank you so much and GREAT product! I am telling everyone about it and wish I had seen this in time for Christmas to give out as gifts.


I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this product....It is the difference between holding a nasty poop bag, and "forgetting you even have it on your leash!". Thank you for this genius idea.

Phyllis C.

I love your product! I have purchased two so far and actually wore one out! So I have to get another. But they are just perfect for holding both empty or full bags when out and about with your dog. No more holding icky full bags! Especially in winter! Great design!

Deb C.

This is the best product I have ever found for walking my dogs. I can walk both my dogs and not have to worry about how to carry the poo bag. It's not too close to the dogs, and I have my hands free. I bought some as presents for fellow dog lovers. This product should be on every dog owners leash. Thank you for a great product


I bought 3 Port-A-Poos. Two for myself and one for a future raffle gift basket. I love the Port-A-Poos. I'm no longer tangled in between leashes and bags of poo. The shipment was super fast as well. I will recommend your product to all my dog friends.

Johnann G.

I just wanted to let you know that your little invention is pretty cool. I attached mine to the belt on my treat pouch, and now I never have to carry poo-bags in my hand again. This means I can train and walk at the same's great! Thank you!

Kristel S.

OMG...what a great item! My Maisie has a regular leash and a flexi so I ordered a Port-a-Poo and Mini-Poo and absolutely love them. The design is beyond clever, the colors are wonderful - I ordered pink - and the "how to" instructions are easy to follow. Port-a-Poo and Mini-Poo perform exactly as promised and look great on the leash! If I stop to talk to someone after Maisie has done her business, I don't have to hold a bag full of it and act like I'm not...because I'm not - Maisie is, on her leash!!

I also want to say how much I enjoy your web site. Loved reading "Our Story" by Madison, as well as the other testimonials. And I agree with everyone else that Nicole deserves A+ for her excellent customer service and follow-through.

I just ordered a Port-a-Poo for Maisie's best friend Chloe. Looking forward to seeing the Port-a-Poo Deluxe and anything else you might create for us.

Maisie's Mom

I absolutely love your product. It has changed the way I feel about walking my dogs and juggling carrying a bag(s) of poo all the way home while trying to control two dogs with the other hand!


I just wanted to let you know that I've been using one of the Port-a-Poo's for a day or two now and I'm totally in love with it!! As a part time dog walker, the product has practically paid for itself in just one day's use in my opinion. I'll most definitely be talking it up to every customer. I want to tell the world about how great they are! Thanks so much! I'm so glad we found your company!


I’m most happy to write this note about the Port-A-Poo, like you I share my home with 5 dogs, 3 are rescues, I walk my 3 rescues everyday so I have my hands full with the leashes, treats & bags. (My Pugs are 11 & 12 so they stay home on the couch).

When I came across your product I had to order 2, one for my walking buddy who has 2 rescue dogs. Needless to say when it came I was so excited I went a little too fast on putting it together, and lost a screw but it works fine with 3 screws. The Port-A-Poo works great, no more carrying a stinky bad, some of the trails we use do not have trash cans so the whole walk I have to carry poo bags, not anymore!!

As far as customer service, when I ask Nicole where I could get extra screws she got right back to me and put some extras in the mail. She’s a pleasure to work with and she also donates a portion to rescue. This is my new gift I will give to my dog friends, and cannot wait to show it to my walk class (which I hope resumes soon when the weather gets better)!

Susan, Tulip, Primrose & Buttercup C.

I started my own pet care business this year which focuses primarily on exercising dogs—running and walking. If you think walking dogs and carrying poo is a challenge, try running! Port-a-Poo was the answer! I love this product and not only use them for my business, but give them as gifts to my clients. Great invention! Thanks and have a great holiday!

Billie M.

We loved our mini Port-A-Poo so much that we ordered 2 more!! It's such a great invention, it really comes in handy when you are walking your dog and especially when walking more than one dog at once!

Bia and her Yorkies

I’m so happy I ordered the Mini-Poo. So nice not to have to swing a poop filled bag in your hand while you are still out walking. I have the Port-a-Poo on each of Louie’s leashes (color coordinated even) and now the set is complete with the addition of the Mini Poo for his flexi-leash. Thanks for the prompt shipping as well!


I purchased my Port-A-Poo at the Super Pet Expo in March and became an immediate fan! Not only does it do what it does well, but being able to color coordinate with my dogs' ensembles was an added treat. I fell and broke my arm in April, and the Port-A-Poo became a real life-saver. Juggling two dogs on two leashes with one hand is difficult enough, but then add in handling the "filled bag" would have been tortuous. Thank goodness for Port-A-Poo!

Pat V.

We used our Port-a-poo this weekend while camping. Dumpsters at campgrounds are few and far between, and Port-a-poo made our walks so much more enjoyable, because we we're not hurrying to get to the dumpsters. We love this product. We will recommend this product to all our dog loving friends. Is the Mini out yet? I'd like to get on for my daughter. Thanks so much for a great product.

Sheila L.

Mind, Body & Paw's PORT-A-POO is an Ingenious Product Perfect for Every Dog Owner

Barks and Blooms ( loves Port-A-Poo. Whether walking one dog or three dogs, Port-a-poo is our favorite dog walking tool. As a walker, we need our hands free for safety and unexpected dog behaviors. Port-A-Poo not only contributes to our professionalism and sanitation, it enhances the comfort of a dog walk. Who wants to sniff that big poo from that big dog during a nice long walk. It is human nature to get rid of dog doo ASAP. Port-A-Poo enables us to have an enjoyable long walk for your precious pup. Port-A-Poo is a tool our business will never do without !


I own a dog-walking company, Frances walks your dog, LLC. I bought the standard-size Port-a-Poo for my everyday leash, and I like it a LOT. It solves the eternal problem of "what to do with the baggie." I'm eager to purchase the Mini-Poo for my retractable leash. Yes, the product name is a bit silly…but who cares? It WORKS !

~~~F. Gentile, Owner

Dear Port-A-Poo Company,

I just had to write to thank you for making such a fantastic product. What a pleasure it now is to walk my three dogs. I can't image ever being without your Port-A-Poo. My husband loves it also. Were hooked! My dogs are very lucky. They get a two mile walk almost every day. What a hassle it has been for us to walk three dogs, with leashes cris-crossing, holding Poo bags and wearing gloves. Trying to maneuver the leashes and the Poo bags for a mile or more until we came across a trash receptacle was a nightmare. I can not tell you how many times I dropped the bags or worse, dropped one of my dogs leashes, not realizing it because I had so much in my hands. Thanks to you, no more. Our walks are so much more comfortable now, It's so much more relaxing. What a walk should be.

Sincerely, Sheila C., Sophia & Sabrina (The Girls)

Got it today! It's perfect!!! Fits on my round leash just fine, and works GREAT!! Can you let me know when you have the small ones for the flexi leash ready for sale? I'd like to get one for my sister who uses that kind of leash. Thanks again!! Love your product!!


I absolutely LOVE the Port-A-Poo. I'm so glad I got one! What a great product!!!!


I am a huge fan of my Port-A-Poo. It works just as described!


Wow! You folks are quick. I already received my port a poos. Thanks so much they are awesome. Great gifts


The Port-A-Poo is one of the best investments I've made for my dog! Thanks!